Bad Blood, Great Review by John Doyle in Globe and Mail

A nice mention for Bad Blood on Netflix by John Doyle of The Globe and Mail (10 June 2020):
“Finally, this column continues with a “stay-at-home-period daily-streaming pick.” Today’s pick is Bad Blood (Netflix). At two seasons, a handful of episodes a season, Bad Blood is a great Canadian mafia/crime drama… Gripping, richly textured and unfussily focused not just on the violent dynamics of a successful mob operation but on what happens when a strong leader is absent and his power disintegrates. It is also, in a peculiar way, about Canada and our way of doing things. At its core, it is a cautionary tale about family – rebellious sons, protective fathers, and the strain of keeping a family following the same set of rules. It belongs to Canadian Kim Coates as Vito’s fixer and right-hand man, Declan. It is Declan who dominates once Vito is in jail and Coates really carries the series, wonderfully oozing both threat and cunning when he grasps that he is being browbeaten by the Rizzuto family and must transcend being mere soldier and servant.”

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