Bad Blood on Netflix: Who's Enrico Colantoni's character based on?

Enrico Colantoni’s great on Bad Blood 1, now on Netflix. That’s a fact. Who’s his character, Bruno Bonsignori, based on? That’s open for interpretation. There’s some speculation it’s partly based on Vito Rizzuto’s inlaw Paolo Renda. How about Joe Di Maulo? There are certainly parts of “Smiling Joe” here. Di Maulo’s the brother-in-law of Raynald Desjardins, the real life character who has some hints of Declan about him. I interviewed the real-life Joe Di Maulo back in 1994, when I was in Montreal to write about casino gambling. Di Maulo asked me why I was talking to him. He had a big smile. I said there was a baseball strike and I needed to talk with someone. He liked that and gave me some sassy quotes before ushering me away from his restaurant/ night club. He suggested that the churches be put in charge of gambling to make sure everything was up and up. The tough guys around him got a big laugh. I was sad and a bit surprised when he was murdered in November 2012, just after Vito Rizzuto got out of prison. ]]>

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