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Published by: Vintage Canada
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Pages: 256
ISBN13: 978-0307362575


Almost all stories on outlaw bikers are written by outsiders trying to look into their world. This is a unique and raw story of outlaw biker life through the eyes of Lorne Campbell, a hard-core, unrepentant outlaw biker.

This is also a book about a quest for justice with a twist. Campbell argues convincingly that there was a miscarriage of justice because he was not convicted of a fatal shooting.

In this groundbreaking and unparalleled glimpse inside the harrowing, thrilling and outrageous existence of Canada`s most notorious motorcycle clubs, award-winning crime writer Peter Edwards tells a tale that holds nothing back. From the beatings and brawls, the hard times and hard time served, to the camaraderie of club life and the thrill of the open road— Edwards supplements Campbell’s memories with reflections from his friends and fellow bikers, to create an unrivalled portrait of outlaw biker life.

Unrepentant was a national bestseller for more than two months.


“In the biker world the highest compliment you can pay to another guy is that he is ‘solid.’ It means trustworthy. Dependable. Loyal. Lorne Campbell, for the sake of his brothers, took the stand and confessed to a crime that he had not been implicated in, in any way, knowing that he might well spend the rest of [his] life in prison. It doesn’t get any more solid than that.”
— Steve Earle, Grammy Award–winning singer/ songwriter

“The amazingly self-revelatory, and often darkly humorous, self-portrait of a Canadian underground legend; by turns perverse, hilarious, terrible, sad and intensely human—I was sorry when Unrepentant ended. This book rings true.”
— Mick Lowe, award-winning author of Conspiracy of Brothers

“Written with dark humour and raw honesty, and filled with unforgettable characters living life on their own terms, Satan’s Choice [United Kingdom title for Unrepentant] is a unique insight into an outlaw world seen through the eyes of one proud and unrepentant biker.”
—The Queensland Times


It was actually pretty simple. They like to make it complicated. People have embellished it a lot. We went to the bar. I sat with one other person. We ordered a drink. . . . Mike Everett, he said, “He’s sitting with a gun pointed at Rick and Gary.” . . . I got up right away and went to the table and I said, “How are you doing, Bill?”

As soon as I said “How are you doing?” he went for it….

I totally wish he hadn’t gone for it. I’ve had to live with it. It hasn’t been easy. But he went for it and I happened to be faster. . . .

It happened so fast that I just reacted. When you see somebody going for a gun and you’ve got one, with the upbringing I’ve had, you’ll be fast. I’m glad I had the gun. . . . I never questioned my decision. Not once. Not for a second.

You’re kind of helpless to change anything, but I just wish it hadn’t happened. Just a waste of life.