The Biker’s Brother

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Published by: Annick Press
Release Date: October 17, 2017
Pages: 256
ISBN13: 978-1554519354


A 2018 In the Margins Award Winner

Teenager Josh Williams has a lot on his plate: a football injury, a complicated relationship with his brother Jamie, who is a member of the Annihilators motorcycle gang, and a budding romance with Brenda. When a large urban motorcycle gang makes a move to take over the Annihilators, several conflicts between members erupt, resulting in the murder of Brenda’s brother. Jamie is arrested and it’s up to Josh to prove his brother’s innocence.

Told through Josh’s point of view, the novel’s fast-paced dialogue and text messages reflect the contemporary world of today’s teen. Details of motorcycle gangs are revealed as Josh navigates his way between the world of a small town high school student and the inner workings of vicious biker gangs. Teen readers will be captivated by this suspense-filled murder mystery about Josh’s journey to find justice for his brother, peace in his family, and love for his girl.


“With characters such as Ripper, Jaime, Trollop, Baker the Undertaker and Carlito, Peter Edwards captures the outlaw biker lifestyle so accurately Josh Williams could have been my little brother, and his big brother Jamie could have been one of my motorcycle club brothers. Like a high-horsepower ride on a turbo-charged motorcycle, this well-written story has a plot that is intertwined with all sorts of fantastic twists and turns!”
—Ed Winterhalder, former Bandido and author of Out in Bad Standings


Brenda’s standing near the roadway. There are those eyes again, those soft bunny rabbit eyes, but this time, she’s pale and trembling and scared. She looks like she’s in shock. I can see she’s been crying. A lot.

All the action’s centered on the garage.

A Volvo SUV with a sign reading “CORONER, Dr. Edward James” in the back window pulls up by the police command post. A man of about sixty with a shock of graying hair steps out. His glasses are perched at the end of his nose and his hair is trimmed in a brush cut, only higher.

“Dr. James,” one of the cops says, and leads him toward the garage.

He’s calm enough. I imagine he’s been to plenty of nasty crime and accident scenes. It’s time to go, before the attention shifts from him to me.

As I press on the gas pedal, another police car pulls up, and Brenda gets in the back. For an instant, she’s alongside me. I’ve thought of her almost nonstop since the party, but I never once imagined the lost expression I see on her face.

Her eyes meet mine and she mouths some words. I can make them out clearly even though I can’t hear her. They couldn’t hit me harder if she was screaming them out loud.

“He’s dead.”